CEAT Student Council

The College of Engineering, Architecture, and Technology (CEAT) Student Council’s primary role is to act as a representative body for the students of CEAT and to enrich the college through its events and activities.

The CEAT Student Council is responsible for the allocation of funds to CEAT clubs/societies, as well as putting on major events within the college such as the CEAT Career Fair and CEAT Week. The council interacts with the faculty on the student’s behalf and works with various committees for the interest of our college.


Additionally, the CEAT Student Council has been expanding the influence of our college through its subsidiary organizations the CEAT Freshman Council and the CEAT Ambassadors Program.


Applications have closed for Spring 2017 membership, Fall applications will open in August 2017. 





The Constitution of CEAT Student Council can be openly viewed by clicking this link.


Interested in sponsoring OSU’s CEAT Student Council?
Email our VP of Finance, clay.patterson@okstate.edu for more information on how.

Would you like to find out more about CEAT Student Council?
Any questions or comments? E-mail us at okstateceatstuco@gmail.com





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